Doll With Down Syndrome Features - Anatomically Correct - Asian Boy - 40CM

These gorgeous Down Syndrome Dolls are a great representation of diversity and inclusiveness.

Main Features:

  • The doll’s arms, head, and legs turn, you can put her in a standing and a sitting position.
  • The doll’s eyes do not close.
  • Doll’s hair is effortless to comb and looks natural.
  • Material: High-quality vinyl without ethers.
  • Removable clothes
  • The doll cannot be washed or submerged in water
  • Pants and shirt (for boys)
  • Dress and underwear included ( for Girl dolls ).
  • Specification: 
    • Age: Suitable for 3 years & over
    • Size: 40cm
    • Doll Gender: Boy


Product details

The Down Syndrome Featured Asian boy is an anatomically correct doll. He comes fully dressed and is ideal for role play, which helps children develop understanding and compassion through imaginative play. Role-playing with a doll also encourages creativity, Imagination and enriches communication skills. The doll play helps educate children about diversity and inclusiveness in life while they play. The Down Syndrome Featured Asian Boy can be an excellent new companion for any child. We also have many different dolls from various nationalities and hair colours.

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